A Simple Line. A zebra finch ponders upon abstraction

With 'A simple line', Essaïdi attempts to merge the abstract idea of a line with its most tangible reality by having a zebra finch look at its own brain cells in the form of a line continue
Vampires, crucifixion and transfusion. BLOOD is not for the faint-hearted

Twenty-five provocative artworks that explore the scientific, symbolic and strange nature of blood. continue
Mediterranean. Portrait of a region in turmoil

Over the past 5 years, Nick Hannes has visited twenty countries located around the Mediterranean. He witnessed an unprecedented period of turmoil for the region: southern Europe buckling under the weight of the global economic crisis, Arab countries entangled in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and tourists and migrants encountering each other on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea continue
Prison Gourmet

Karla Diaz asked friends serving time in prisons in California to send her their own food recipes and collected them for a print on demand book called Prison Gourmet. On a documentary and curiosity level, Prison Gourmet is a kind of culinary version of Prisoners Inventions. But Prison Gourmet is also a performance in which the artist addresses the politics of food and incarceration by reproducing prison recipes devised by inmates continue
The 10th edition of GAMERZ. From dancing trash bag to dichotomic perception

The 10th edition of the festival celebrated the death of passive leisure in the hands of games and art as well as the transformation of the compliant consumer into a creative user and abuser of technology. The exhibitions across town also investigated how the digital environment impacts and disrupts people's development at conscious and unconscious levels (cognitive, social, psychological, among others) and looked at how these often invisible adjustments can be harnessed in alternative social, economic, political or ecological practices. continue
Vegetation as a Political Agent

The exhibition seeks to investigate the historical and social implications of the plant world in light of the ever-increasing resurgence of "green" as an agent of change in relation to current economic processes. To place a plant within a historical context means to consider not only its biological constitution, but also the social and political factors which see it already positioned at the centre of the earliest forms of economic globalisation continue
Techno-Ecologies II. Acoustic Space #12

A range of practices which were once subsumed under terms such as media art, digital art, art and technology or art and science, have experienced such growth and diversification that no single term can work as as a label any more. Traditionally separated domains are brought together to become contextual seedbeds for ideas and practices that aim to overcome the crisis of the present and to invent new avenues for future developments continue
Survival Kit Festival in Umeå

Where are we heading? What are the conditions of survival for our region and the world at large? What are the struggles and what kind of strategies do we need for survival? The Survival Kit festival explored the theme of local and global survival through the lenses of visual art, music, food, discussions and lectures. continue
Meeting the founder of the EDL (English Disco Lovers)

In September 2012, the English Disco Lovers movement was founded, as a subversive Google-bombing campaign, looking to replace the English Defence League website as the top result when 'EDL' was searched on Google continue
Book review: Come Together. The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design

Alongside visual portfolios of their best work are in-depth interviews addressing each group's unique motivations, processes, and objectives. What emerges is a shared desire to turn viewers into producers and to use commercial mass-media strategies to challenge prevailing social, political, and cultural power structures continue
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