SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy. Talking secrets and pandas with Jacob Appelbaum

Next week, NOME, one of those too rare galleries exploring art, politics, and technology, is going to open Jacob Appelbaum's first solo show in Germany. There will be stuffed pandas, portraits of political dissidents and far too many secrets continue
Interview with Moritz Simon Geist / Sonic Robots

Moritz Simon Geist is a classical musician and a robotics engineer who builds his own musical instruments. The most famous of them is the MR-808, an oversized replica of the TR-808 produced by Roland to reproduce drum sounds. This 1980s electronic drum machine imitated the drum so inadequately that it actually created its own sound. The distinctive 'thump thump' became an integral part of hip hop music, gained iconic status with Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing and reached such a cult position within the music industry that even Kayne West paid tribute to the machine in one of his hit albums continue
Blood oil, Poetics and Politics of Data, Ghost Army of World War II and other book reviews

This week, i'm reviewing 6 books about topics as diverse as petrocracy, control by data, photography in Belfast after the Good Friday Agreement, new media art in the Middle East and North Africa, inflatable army units, and ephemeral performative practices continue
The Funambulist magazine. Politics of Space and Bodies

The first issue of The Funambulist Magazine argues that all cities contain a certain degree of militarization. From Lahore to Oakland, CA, the use of walls and other architectural apparatuses of control vary; yet, they all bear witness of the will for architecture to organize bodies in space continue
akA, the 'cloud farming' solution

The quality of groundwater is heavily affected by human industrial activities. Looking for innovative ways to get clean waters to irrigate agricultural fields, artist Rihards Vitols is currently experimenting with a new type of agronomy that relies on "cloud-farming". In his scenario, people will raise thousands of helium balloons over their land to collect water from the cloud continue
Interview with The Center for Tactical Magic

CTM's work combines appealing aesthetics, humour and language with actions that invite people to think, question and reclaim their civil rights. Their most famous project is the Tactical Ice Cream Unit, a truck distributing free ice cream along with propaganda developed by local progressive groups. Another of their initiative saw them launch a bank heist contest... continue
Book review: The Gulf. High Culture/Hard Labor

For 5 years, the Gulf Labor Coalition, a group of artists and writers, has been pressuring Saadiyat's Western cultural brands to ensure worker protections. Gulf Labor has coordinated a boycott of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and pioneered direct action that has involved spectacular museum occupations. As part of a year-long initiative, an array of artists, writers, and activists submitted a work, a text, or an action continue
Neural. Issue 51, Revive!

One of the reasons why i like the magazine so much is that it mixes and matches efficiently short articles about media artworks, music or books with long, insightful essays and interviews as well as thoughtful reports from media art events that took place in various cities around the world. So that's the fast and informative formula of a blog combined with the lengthy and reflective pace of a magazine continue
Kabbalistic Synthesizer, a 'sonification' of live macrocosmic phenomena

The synthesizer simultaneously synthesises variations in the Earth's magnetic field with cosmic rays and Jupiter's noise storms continue
Fire and Forget: On Violence

Fire and Forget is military jargon for a type of missile guidance that can hit its target without the launcher being in line-of-sight. The expression is symptomatic of a new type of warfare in which the people firing, killing and destroying are emancipated from the fear for one's own life and the direct physical -or sometimes even visual- contact with the victim(s) of their shooting continue
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