Human to chicken pet touching through the net

With Poultry Internet, the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore blends the Internet, 3D, sensors, haptics, cybernetics and augmented reality to allow a pet kept in a backyard to feel a whole body fondling by its owner who is located remotely.


Poultry Internet consists of two Systems connected in real time through the Internet:

– the Office System, where the pet owner has a mechanical system with a chicken doll on top of it. Inside the body of the doll are sensors sensitive to touch, they transmit the touch signal to the real chicken. Hence, the doll in the Office actually represents the real chicken in the Backyard.
– a Backyard System, where the chicken is kept with a few web-cams around it. The chicken wears an electronic jacket, which, when activated, will create vibration and bring the sense of being touched and massaged. The jacket has also small sensors which sense the chicken’s legs movement.

The owner can put on a goggle, and see the 3D live image of the chicken. Best part is that s/he can also put on a special shoe with electric sensors, and as the chicken walks in the Backyard, the owner will feel his/her own foot having a mild electrically stimulated sensation.

Euhm… howmuch does this research owes to cybersex?
Via Pasta & Vinegar.
Details in the Press Release.