Can’t Help Falling in Loaf with the weather-forecasting toaster

UK bakers Kingsmill is to sell limited edition of bread shaped in Elvis’ image to celebrate his 70th birthday (via The Apartment < The Mirror).


Would be nice to toast it with the weather-forecasting toaster that Robin Southgate created in 2001 for his final year design project at Brunel University in England.


The toaster could be connected to a phone point and when the toast poped up, a stencilled weather symbol told you whether you you’d better go out with your umbrella or not.

A modem inside the toaster dialed to a server using a freephone number, which then accessed the Met Office website, where it retrieved the information and translated it into a single number – 1, 2 or 3. Each number corresponded to the weather symbols for cloud, sun and rain.

The symbol was then branded onto the bread in the toaster using a heat-resistant stencil interposed between the bread and the heating element for the final 20-odd seconds of toasting.

Via ECAL, more information in CultureLab.
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