The Sky Dress

Valérie Lamontagne is working on Peau d’Ane, three dresses that will translate the qualities of the sky, moon and sun within various geographical locations at all times of the day.

Utilizing wireless and solar-powered energy sources, the patterns on the interactive costumes will morph according to information transmitted from a wireless weathervane to a computer chip implanted in the fabric. I have already written about the Sky dress that changes structure and emits sounds based on the wind and clouds in sky.


Here’s a few details, photos and sketches about the Sun dress. The garment will display lights in motion based on changes in the sun. A checkerboard of LEDs on the dress will be set in motion based on UV and sun intensity readings. The greater the intensity of the sun, the brighter the dress will glow. The more UV rays outside, the more the dress’ LEDs will flash, like a warning/danger sign. The changing patterns of the fully addressable LEDs will also permit to graphically represent the rising and setting sun (the LEDs will gradually turn on / off in a horizontal fashion) as well as the changing direction of the sunrays.

Valerie Lamontagne will show her work at Say it now! focuses on speech and the presentation of speech. At the Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium, February 17 – 25.