The knitted radiator

Kelly Jenkins’ Overlooked piece is a radiator knitted out of tubular steel. It’s not just conceptual art, it’s functional too.

“Industrial knitting and everyday objects are both overlooked and taken for granted, and I wanted to focus attention on them”, explains the young designer. “It works like a normal piece of knitting. Each row is independent from the other, so you can unlink rows, or fold it up and put it away. It can also be customised. You can have just one row of seven stitches, or it can be made to any shape or scale.”


It can be heated by either water, or with hot wire so that the heat can be regulated: “So you can sit on it without burning your bum.” It can be mounted on a wall or sit on the floor. Each row can be turned on or off independently, so if you want a warm head, you can just turn on the top row.

Jenkins was sponsored by tube/pipe bending company Tubela Engineering, which shaped the tube metal.

Via The Guardian.

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