Softwares for SMS interactivity

Spanish software company Innova Telecom, has developped Hydra a software to create interactive applications based on SMS.

Let’s say that the mobile phone users wants to get information about the opening hours of his favourite shopping centre. He sends a “key” message to a phone number and “Hydra” automatically consults the database of this shopping centre to deliver the appropriate answer to the user.

Innova Telecom believes that ‘Hydra’ would be a great tool to subscribe automatically to any service through mobile phone. The product targets public organizations (transport, administrations, etc.), clubs or any other entity in relashionship with a large public.

Via Leader Digital.

At the other end of the world:
Korean mobile operator KTF is launching a new service allowing users to send SMS to a virtual user and to receive appropriate responses chosen from the company’s large data base. The service was designed to send different replies to messages of the same content according to situation.

KTF expects the virtual user will evolve to a comprehensive information service providing useful information such as biorhythm, stock prices, English vocabulary and postal codes.

From Telecom Korea, via Textually.