Reality show comes to towns

A new program for 2005 from TLC (formally known as The Learning Channel) will feature designer Genevieve Gorder revamp an entire town over a series of weeks, overseeing designers and craftspeople as they work alongside townspeople to reimagine and restore small towns across the United States.

First stop will be Jeffersonville which is not exactly crying for more stylishness.


But the idea was to find someplace already on the way up as “Some towns are too far gone,” Gorder concedes.

And she sees opportunities to prove the social mission of design, by, for example, building a new teen center so that kids don’t have to hang out at the Sunoco station. Her mission even goes as far as proposing new uniforms for the local baseball team, “You look good, you feel good,” she comments.

Don’t want to be spoil this TV feast, but I hope Jeffersonville dwellers will oppose some resistance. Or maybe that’s the point as it would spice up the show?

Via Metropolis Mag.
Picture by Duke Devlin.