Parties on wheels

The ConferenceBike, by Eric Staller, is a circular tricycle built for seven people sitting in a circle facing each other. It seems that after several minutes, complete strangers start to talk to each other.


A ConferenceBike is currently on view at the New York Hall of Science till September 26, 2004.

Via Art & Science Collaboration Inc.

Still about bikes but even more exciting, the Aeolian Ride, a project by Jessica Findley (her portfolio contains amazing projects), is a public art event with 50 people in wind inflated suits riding.


The hand-made Aeolian Ride costumes are similar to each other but are distinctly different (the website even provides patterns for a DIY and customizable outfit).

As the rider’s body is re-sculpted through inflated shapes, his/her physical and mental self-awareness become more acute. By joining a group of costumed cyclists a person also becomes aware of the connection of the group as a whole.

The first ride took place last June in New York. The next one are scheduled on October 7th and 9th in San Francisco and in Capetown on the 20th of November.
First read in personaldebris.

More on people connected by inflatable suits with Nexus Architecture/Collective Wear by Lucy Orta.

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UPDATE: Max just sent me a link to a site in czek featuring a bike apparently made by a total geek.