Otara community clubhouse

Otara wants to host New Zeland’s first Computer Clubhouse, a centre aimed at education, not recreation.

It would give students a place to go after school to immerse themselves in the technology their families often could not afford.

And while the kids are at school, adults will be invited in to use the clubhouse’s resources as well.

With little in the way of Government funding for such projects, the clubhouse would depend on sponsors and charity to be filled with computers and equipment.


So far, the experiment has allowed a group of Melbourne boys to use Flash animations to make a collaborative aliens movie. Kids, generally aged 10 to 18, use software to compose their own music, make videos and animations or edit photos. Others try to get the robots to dance to music for at least a minute.
They chose their own topics and work in groups.

From Robotics New Zeland Herald.