Julie Nord at ARos museum in Aarhus

Last week, i was invited by innovation lab to participate to their annual Nordic Exceptional Trendshop in lovely Aarhus, Denmark. I’ll probably come back to the conference later this week. In the meantime, allow me to fire a lazy and nevertheless enthusiastic little post about Julie Nord – Xenoglossy, one of the exhibitions i saw at the ARos museum.

0adumsonemaelg44.jpgLiving Hill, 2007

xenoglossy-anm.jpgNo Title (The Paper Doll’s House), 2010

0smokefromchimnedetail.jpgThe Smoke from the Chemney (detail), 2010

The artist‘s ink drawings and watercolours send delicate little girls with inscrutable eyes and blond locks into a dark fairytale inhabited by mutants, helicopters, angry flowers, skulls, monsters and paper cut outs.

0aafeverishshreh.jpgThe Roommates, 2007

The title of the show, XENOGLOSSY, is unlikely to provide visitors with the clues to the meaning of this deranged children’s-storybook. The term is applied to denotes a putative paranormal phenomenon in which people suddenly become fluent in a language of which they otherwise are completely ignorant.

0houseoneahill.jpgHouse on a Hill, 2008

0ahomecominght4.jpgHomecoming Queen, 2010

Speaking in tongues_web.jpgJulie Nord, Speaking in tongues, 2008

4les6cadres5905_6ce8d46907_b.jpg0adomestititio.jpgDomestic Scene (detail), 2009 and The Painter, 2009

49salle3391_e326e103d3.jpgView of the exhibition space

0anothtatgfarerrer.jpgSomewhere Not That Far Away, 2004

Julie Nord – Xenoglossy is on view until November 21st, 2010 at ARos Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark.