Japan tests snow rescue robot

The 3.5-meter high robot Enryu may soon be helping communities across Japan reach avalanche sites and clear snow.

526-TECH-tmsuk-robot.jpgTmsuk originally developed Enryu — or “rescue dragon” in Japanese — as a robot to assist in earthquake rescue operations. The model has two hydraulically operated arms with a reach of 5 meters, each capable of lifting 500 kilograms. In the tests, Enryu successfully lifted a car from deep snow and simulated knocking ice and snow off rooftops with the help of a sophisticated.

Fitted with seven cameras and mounted on a tread similar to a military tank, Enryu can also be operated by remote control to reach hazardous areas.

The Kyushu-based company hopes to unveil a finished version by next year.

Via Mainichi.