Japan and Italy in cellphone attitudes.

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Why do you think the mobile Internet is so popular in Japan, while people in other parts of the world barely know it exists?

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what about italian cellphone boom?
Posted by noce at 2004-03-31 09:40

i’ve never phisycally been to japan. i’m from italy. italy is very different from japan culure. according to statistics (http://www.gandalf.it/dati/newcens7.htm)

italy is not really first in using technologies (internet, computers, etc) but it’s one of the country in the world with more mobile phones.

that could sound strange. i ve got a my own idea about that this is related to the italian typical attitude and ways to live in the social network. but i’d need more time to explain this in deep. the thing i can say here that the reasons for success of the same tech application can be very different even if they bring to a similar result point.

at the end it’s like to opposite way of being brings to same technological result.
so that “shy” japanese and “warm n social” italians use both the mobile phones a lot.