In the mood for clubbing

As I’m going to Berlin tomorrow for the transmediale and club transmediale festival, I’m in the mood for clubbing. Well, let’s be honest: in the mood for blogging about clubs…

The first one has just opened in in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Cocoon clubbing room has been given a “genetic architecture” by Wesbaden studio 3 deluxe. A 360° white honeycombed “membrane wall” envelopes the room and acts as a projection screen onto which a range of visuals can be washed to alter the mood, look and energy of the room in harmony with the music.


The wall is punctuated with 13 intimate “micro capsules”, a lighting rig mimics the swirl of a DNA strand and the DJ pulpit juts out onto the dancefloor like a giant chrysalis attached to the membrane wall.

The second night club was launched last June in London.
In 2003, for Massive Attack’s 100th Window tour, United Visual Artists had created a huge video wall on which no video at all was played, the entire show was made out of text and newspaper headlines printed out in time with the music.


This year United Visual Artists teamed up with Creative Technology to extend this technology and create, for Kabaret’s Prophecy, a space designed to stimulate all senses.

Two walls at Kabaret’s Prophecy are clad in MiPIX system, which can display intelligent lighting effects, 3D logos, graphics and even video content. These moving images can curve around the contours of the walls and wrap themselves into the alcoves and respond to the mood of the room as well as the mood of the music.


A VJ from UVA is present every evening to mix live the visual content and suit the music and the atmosphere in the venue. (thanks for this one Chris).