Medical images from the National Museum of Health and Medicine

Found on the flickr sets for unofficial ‘favorite photos’ of the staff of the Otis Historical Archives of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, in Washington DC: set 1, 2 and 3.

0aachinesfoooot.jpgOrthopedics; feet of Chinese woman, bound, compared with tea cup and American woman’s shoe. World War 1 era

See also: Four x-ray views of footbinding, ca. 1948

0aaaasevedfingr.jpgRhinoplasty. Loss of nose due to an injury, and replacement by a finger in 1880. Surgery by Dr. E. Hart, photo by OG Mason, both of Bellevue Hospital, NY

0aaaporrlittlesoldr.jpgAmbulance drill. Four litters loaded. World War 1

On the homepage: Masks worn during experiments with Plague. Philippines, probably around 1912.

Via morbid anatomy.