Neo-Japanese tradition

Hisashi Tenmyouya‘s works are a blend of traditional Japanese motifs and elements of modern Japan. His work draws on the traditions and history of his country, but also on foreign history and modern life, particularly life in the US.

wakasyu1.jpgaataaa.jpgContemporary Japanese Youth Culture Scroll — Para Para Dancing (Great Empire of Japan) vs. Break Dancing (America) and Tattoo Man’s Battle

Tenmyouya’s contribution to the 2006 FIFA World Cup series is particularly striking (especially if you waste your time having a look at the other FIFA posters.) oh! and don’t miss the samourai-ish Adidas trainers.

senzyu3.jpgpm-33719-medium.jpgNeo Thousand-Armed Kannon “Misshakukongourikishi” and Soccer poster

Via The Japan Times article on Young, fresh and traditional Japanese artists.