Shoot yourself to survive

Julian Oliver is investigating the second-person shooter format, what it might look and play like.

In this take on the 2nd Person Perspective, you control yourself through the eyes of the bot, but you do not control the bot. Your eyes have effectively been switched. Naturally this makes action difficult when you aren’t within the bot’s field of view; thus both you and the bot (or other player) will need to work together, to destroy each other.


Here, both you and the bot (or other player) are really just a displaced projection of first person agency, outside the first looking inward at it from the second and third perspectives. You are looking through the eyes of a bot that is trying to find and shoot you. That bot is you. This bot is just a place holder for a two-player mode Oliver is currently working on. The bot will get lost and/or stuck on walls and will occassionally need a nudge to become unstuck. When you shoot the bot (you) it will flee, trying to put some distance between itself and the other you.

Check the demo in Selectparks.
See also: Through the Looking Glass, a system that allows a person to play a game with her/himself in a mirror.