FlickrFling is an OS project that explores in an innovative way data feeds.

By pointing the application to a news feed, you receive the last news in real time – rendered in pictures. The application chooses for each in-coming word an image from flickr’s database tagged with corresponding keywords… with unpredictable results.


You can also link the words of an incoming feed to a specific personal set of pictures.
Take for example a flash based chat room: a person sends a piece of text to the chat, and the software searches through his personal flickr database attaching the image relevant to the current conversation.
If you’re chatting about your dog, the application will provide a flow of Snoopy’s pictures to the chat room.

It’s still in pre-Beta version but you can already have a go!

FlickrFling was developed by Ofer Luft and Yaniv Steiner. They plan to release the .FLA flash source code as soon as the application and code will be debugged and presentable.