Noisy bread, anyone?

Designer food consultancy firm Enivrance develops concept foods that are industrially viable.

“The food industry needs new shapes, new textures, new styles,” said its guru Edouard Malbois.


Each season they launch a new collection made of vegetable bricks to eat on the go, oil and vinegar capsule for salads, books with chocolate or dried fruits pages, edible postcards, mini-trees made of almonds and white chocolate, textiles and creams that look like cosmetics, etc.

The star of their catalogue is a water with augmented density in which edible flowers are swimming. Enivrance is also about to present the “Sea Bread”, a “work-in-progress sound system” supposed to produce successively, when bitten, the screech of a seagull, the crackling sound of sand and the swish of waves breaking onto the shore.

Famous restaurants in Paris –Au Pied de Cochón and Le Procope– and Harrod´s in Londres asked for exclusive designs from Enivrance. Later should come Nestlé, Unilever, Mc Cormick, Mc Donald´s and even Guerlain and L´Oreal who want to launch edible cosmetics.

Via News24 and Clarin.