In 2011, Mr Bingo started mailing insulting postcards to total strangers. All you had to do was ask and pay 50 pounds for the service. Probably because his hand-drawn messages had more foolishness than bile, people queued to be mocked and abused. If you’ve missed the Hate Mail brouhaha, you might have encountered his work in austere newspapers, dandy magazines, or on cans of beer, restaurant walls and skateboards


Julia Pott’s films and drawings often present human experiences and existential questionings embodied and voiced by animal characters. There’s something bitter-sweet and unsettling in seeing cute animals voicing concerns about love, loneliness, passage to adulthood, struggling to find their place into the world

David O’Reilly is a film director, an artist and i’m not going to add that he’s a genius because everybody’s done that already, including me after i first saw his work at Pictoplasma Berlin back in 2007. The External World had its world premiere at the 67th Venice Film Festival and was shown a few months later at Sundance. It has since won numerous awards. Another of his most awarded short films, Please Say Something, received the Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival. The film was the only animated film to win the title since Pixar’s first short film

It seems to me that Raymond Lemstra came out of the blue. First of all his style is unique and as such doesn’t remind me of many illustration works i’ve seen before. But more surprisingly, he’s only started to focus fully on drawing last year. Yet, he’s going to be one of the key actors of Pictoplasma NYC, a festival celebrating contemporary character design and art.

His characters live in a sepia tone universe, some wear tribal masks, others are gentlemen with a neat little moustaches. Most have disproportionately big heads and unsmiling eyes that might make you worry about what’s going on in their mind