Avis Assist

Avis Rent A Car teamed up with Motorola to roll out a mobile phone-based navigation system now available in 57 U.S. cities.

Avis Assist” guides drivers with instant “talking” directions from a Motorola device, which can be mounted in the car or carried in the pocket.

They phone the call center to get an “Avis Advisor” or input their destination on the phone keypad. The Motorola’s VIAMOTO software calculates the route, downloads it from a server to the mobile handset, and begins tracking the traveler’s location. Street-specific directions are then communicated through the handset’s speakerphone as the car moves.

Avis Assist should be extended to real-time traffic updates and alternate routes, as weel as information on local restaurants, event listings, areas of interest such as the closest cash dispenser, etc.

Found on Mobile Tracker.