Altoids™ boxes with domino talents

Curiously Strong mimics the movement of a typical domino chain through 250 sequentially actuated Altoids™ boxes. Each box is equipped with a solenoid that opens and closes the lid when it receives an electric pulse. This results in a continual wave of motion as the pulse cascades through the chain of boxes.


The piece can be configured to run onto walls or up and over obstacles. Furthermore, the clicking of each lid as it springs open and falls shut creates a rhythmic, moving soundscape.

The chain of boxes is controlled mechanically; every box is uniquely connected to a motor driven switching mechanism. Curiously Strong plays with the notion of what it means to be a kinetic sculpture in that its local state is passive and still even when it is globally active.

Rather cool Movie.

By Amanda Parkes and Jessica Banks.

The works is at ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show, in Dublin, July 15-17. Also shown are Outerspace, the Slapping robots, a grass drawing robot, Shockbot Corejulio, etc.