Electrified wood

Designed by Trans|alpin, Wood.e is essentially electrified wood, pressed with two integrated conducting layers which allow to add electrical conduct. 12V power is fed to the metal layers via one connector, and elements (lamps, spotlights, fans etc.) can be connected via another. NO cable needed.


Next month at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (April 13th-18th) they will present the “living in a box” project, a furniture system made out of Wood.e.

Furniture like chairs, tables, lamps and shelves create symbiotic relationships that are not possible with ordinary wood or metal, and previously isolated objects can now combine the functions of furniture, lighting and space definition.

In the 2003 edition of the Salone, they showed the Cubix concept, instant furniture sold in a vending machine.

Via Blaine Brownell. Picture from Archinect.