Audio messages left in space

Theodore Watson‘s Audio Space allows you to leave messages in specific locations within the room. Wearing a headset equipped with earphones and a microphone, visitors record messages that are then placed in the spot where it was recorded.


Through the earphones, the messages are played along with those recorded by previous visitors. Each message sounds as if it is coming from the spot where it was recorded. The resulting effect is the sensation of walking through a space inhabited by ghosts, with each visitor leaving an aural mark for others to uncover.

Video (wear headphones!)

This work is part of the Parsons Thesis Show 2005.

Audiograffiti, by Andreea Chelaru, Ben Dove, Noel Perlas and Thomas Stovicek, investigates the “space with an audio memory” idea as well. The system allows you to leave tracks behind you through an “audio imprint”, just by going into an inflatable fabric tunnel, and activating one of the microphones that are ready to record and broadcast whatever we like, in a sort of melodic loop.


More info: 1 and 2.

With Audiotag, by Lalya Gaye and Margot Jacobs, from the Interactive Institute in Sweden, previously recorded personal messages are left at hidden places in public spaces to be whispered to passersby as they lean towards small boxes fixed in urban environment(blogged last year.)


See also: Siemens’ electronic Post-It (via textually.)