Book: aminima 18

0amimino.jpgYeay! This morning the postman brought my copy of Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century and the latest issue of aminima::

aminima:: is edited by Clara Alba and Andrea Garcia Mendez (with José Trascorrales), 2 lovely girls based in Barcelona. I like their way of working a lot: The methodology of the publication resembles that of scientific magazines: the artists themselves write about their work. (…) Their work reflects on aesthetic, technological and political questions.

With the issues published up to now, the magazine has created an important documentary base and established a network of relations between artists and investigators.

So what’s in issue 18?

0biobobo7.jpgSlovenian artist Polona Tratnik who creates installations with micro-organism talks fungi and bacteria; bioartist Cynthia Verspaget explains with plenty of juicy details her work the Anarchy Cell Line; Peter Horvarth tells us how he investigates the “realm of new media art as it exists on the web”; Miya Masaoka presents her musical installations which star plants, insects and brainwaves; Tanja Visosevic, Guy Ben Ary and Bruce Murphy explain what happens when one gazes through a living cinematic apparatus; Maria Fernandez from Cornell University gives an overview of the life and work of cyber-dandy Gordon Pask, etc. I still have to read most of the articles but here’s some more name dropping: Brody Condon, Krister Olsson and Takashi Kawashima, Vladimir Bonacic, Fernando Rabelo, Locus Sonus, Medialab Madrid, etc.

Aminima is distributed in Spain. Those among us who have the bad idea to live outside the country can order the bi-monthly magazine by contacting aminima at aminima dot net. The publication is ridiculously cheap and is both in english and spanish.