On the road again

0adamazzrejn.jpgRumor has it that before the Wright brothers, people got along fine without airplanes. Too bad they (the happy trippers, not the plane geniuses) are not here anymore to tell me their secret. Tomorrow morning i’ll be flying to Edinburg, the city i’ve been dreaming to visit ever since i discovered Inspector Rebus and the existence of deep-fried mars bars. Michelle Kasprzak from Media Scotland has invited me to have a chat with Adam Zaretsky about “Future Bodyâ€? at the Poker Club. The full blurb: Already some of us utilise advanced bio-augmentations in the form of pacemakers, cosmetic implants, and high-tech prostheses, but soon advances in genomics and tissue-culture engineering will allow us to modify ourselves and our children in a much more accessible and rapid fashion. Should we be panicked, or embrace the race for designed flesh?

After that i’ll be in London for the PSFK conference at Imagination Gallery. The morning will be about new trends and ideas in areas like digital media and eco-consciousness; and the afternoon will present a few ideas about the way to apply the insights gained from looking at trends and ideas onto new marketing, branding and design. Thanks Piers for the invitation.

Then down to sunny Sevilla for more modified bodies, genetics and manipulations at BIOS4. Arte biotecnológico y ambiental. The exhibition, curated by António Cerveira Pinto, opened last month at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo.

On Wednesday the 6th at 19:00, i’ll be giving a talk at the MediaLab Madrid and spying on their workshop about Magic and Technology. A gig plotted by Edgar and Marcos.

After that i’ll be in Paris then in Italy but at this point i’ve lost count of the dates and events i have to attend.

Meanwhile Sascha will be in Copenhagen presenting Buttons to an adoring Reboot audience.