Delirious knitting show at Craft Council

Went to Knit 2 Together: Concepts and Knitting, at the Craft Council. Everyone was smiling and sometimes even laughing. Some of the favourites:

In Domestic Interior, Toronto-based artist Janet Morton knitted covers for household objects and furnitures to keep them warm. Not just for the fun but to raise questions of the value and meaning given to inanimate objects and underline our own often misplaced sentimentality. Reminded me of those Tasmanian knitters who are crafting a whole 50s room, complete with chocolate cakes, Elvis album cover and radio.


The distorted and weird creatures of Donna Wilson were having a picnic in the middle of the exhibition, with tea cups and plates slightly too big for them.


Andy Diaz Hope’s Everybody is somebody’s Terrorist series uses knitted baklava to communicate sensations of discomfort, the mask removes the personality of the wearer, replacing it with fear and suspicion.


Kelly Jenkins (the one of the knitted radiator) subverted the cosy, feminine and soft stereotype of knitting with seedy imagery and language from the sex industry. She knitted big porn ads, magazine pages where readers asked advice about facts such as “While I make sex with my husband, i can’t concentrate on my knitting” or this magazine cover with funny headlines.

(picture The Telegraph)