Wearables for a distant society

Texan Alison Lewis’s thesis project “Closer: Wearables for a distant society” aims at creating wearable interactive art which reinforces values of kindness, fun and play through the action of positive touch.


Patsy, the touch to sound garment (picture above), responds with silly sounds (an MP3 player “hides” inside large pocket at mid section) upon gently hugging or holding the individual wearing it, while Filly, the touch to light jumper, uses a visual indicator to represent the number of positive touches or lack there of in an hour.


The romantic artist has also came up with the concept of the T.O.M. (Think Of Me) rings that allows two lover to communicate throught touch, light, warmth and wireless technologies… even when they are far far way from each other.

When one lover touches the ring, it illuminates and releases heat in the other’s ring. They would be powered by watch batteries, and contain heating coils for warmth, L.E.D.s for the light, and 900MHz transmitters and receivers for wireless communication.

From Personal Debris.

N.B. Alison Lewis also assisted Yury Gitman on his magic bike project.