Wallflowerz offers you dates AND cash

Wallflowerz is an online social network that pays users (yes, I repeat, it PAYS you) for helping people meet and when people want to meet them.

Instead of a monthly fee to have messaging capability, you have to buy credits. But, when other users message you or when you suggest matches to people, you get credits you can withdraw for cash if you don’t use them to send flirts or messages.

If you try to date three new blokes every day, the investment is definitely not worth it, but if you look like Cindy Crawford, you’ll get lots of requests thus lots of credit. So you better upload a picture of you in your best outfit/profile/haircut. On the other hand, if you’re a wannabe matchmaker, you could use the community to turn that into a profession.

They are running a contest to boost membership: till July 31, the user with the most 1st degree friends that have a profile image will win 50 credits!


From The Social Software Weblog.