Spray leaves DNA evidence on burglars

UK firm Redweb Security has developed an “i-powder” to be used against burglars. The biosyntethic substance carries a “uniquely-traceable DNA code” registered to the owner and can be mounted in the ceiling, door or on the wall. When projected onto the perpetrator, the i-powder sticks like glue to clothes and skin and cannot be removed for several weeks, making it far simpler to catch and convict intruders.
“The key feature of our technology is that it irrefutably identifies a criminal with the scence of the crime,” explained Clive Smith. “Each device containing i-powder is registered either to its owner or a precise location, and the unique DNA code contained within the substance remains detectable for several weeks. In this way, RedWeb presents law enforcement agencies with a weight of forensic evidence to assist in securing a conviction.”
According to the police in north Wales, Dorset and London, trials have resulted in a 100% conviction rate.
Via The Register. Press release.