Tweed and lace for buildings

For Chanel�s new Tokyo headquarters, Darren Nolan, Peter Marino + Associates turned to LEDs to illuminate its fa�ade.
The building is completely transparent by day and lanternlike at night. LEDs, imbedded on the glass and metal fa�ade, change light patterns each night, simulating for example Chanel�s tweed.


Via UnBeige Architect’s Newspaper’s article on light and architecture.

In France, for the Future Mus�e de la Dentelle in Calais, architects Alain Moatti and Henri Rivi�re, will embroider (read “perforate”) the white aluminium facade of the building. The piercing allows light to invade the interior of the edifice in the daytime. During the night, the artificial light inside the museum will create a lace pattern to be admired from the outside of the building.


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