Tripe lights

Julia Lohmann transforms the factory-farming offcuts into lighting and furniture to explore our contradictory relationship with animals as sources of food and materials.

sheeplan.jpgFlock is a light-ceiling made of fifty preserved sheep-stomachs. It reminds people that we are surrounded and sustained by animal products.

The Ruminant Bloom lamps are made from dried and tanned lining of a sheep’s stomach.

The disturbing Cow Bench is a leather bench or bovine memento mori that explores the threshold between animal and material.

Her work will be part of the Great Brits, The New Alchemists exhibition at Paul Smith’s headquarters during Milan Furniture Fair, 14-18 April, 2005.

Have also a look at Krister Olsson’s Xylophone which has keys made from a cooking gelatin made principally from beef cartilage and beef tendon.


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