Trigger it out!

Meiju Niskala, Anna Salmi, Richard Widerberg and Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts at the Media Lab in Helsinki have developed Trigger it out!, a game where the player has to figure out what has happened in a room using flashlight as a tool for interaction.

The story is divided into pieces that are related to the objects in the room. The order of the experienced story pieces varies according to the way the participant uses the flashlight.


In the “Death in the Kitchen” part, the “detective” enters a dark kitchen. The light doesn’t work. There is a woman lying on the floor. She seems dead. What has happened?

By looking around in the kitchen with the help of a flashlight, s/he can hear clues of what happened. Sensors respond to the flashlight and give audiovisual feedback, like sounds of events that had taken place before the death of the woman. This allows participants to solve the puzzle of the death in the kitchen.

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