The Pocket conductor

This one has just been added to my I want one list.

For the INCITE/RCA collaboration, Jon Arden and Katrina Jungnickel have worked on the Pocket Conductor, an interesting mobile application idea for people travelling on bus.

As you enter the bus your mobile would alert you to the available service (which you can ignore or engage with, much as you would a conductor on a bus). Linked to the existing bus stop countdown system it would feature
several services that could reconciliate me with the bus: journey mapping (follow the route), stop alerts (beep in your pocket one stop before you get off), other routes (all transport connections), timetables (alert you when you are in the pub about the last bus approaching), local info (about a particular area). It would also allow you to add a story, picture or sound or read others (like an urban mobile flickr), add some digitial graffiti or see who else is accessing the system or recently uploaded something or maybe graffiti from passing buses.

Via 73.