Zig Zag Musig Block

The Zig Zag Musig Block is a three-block-structured visual music toy.

Blocks are working as the sound controller as well as the visual container. ZZMB allows players to compose a new character’s moving image by mixing and matching four singing characters by twisting around the blocks. ZZMB takes this physical building of visual character blocks into a musical composition. Each top, middle and bottom block plays character’s voice, harmony (chord) and rhythm (beat) of music, which are written as parts for complete scores.


When blocks are matched to compose one identical character, users can hear the specific score. But they can also can make variation to the music and apply different voice, chord or rhythm by rotating or sliding the blocks. The linear position of the blocks controls the pitch of the sound, resulting in a new harmony or cacophony.

Check the movies 1, 2, 3.
Author: Inhye Lee
Picture from Create Digital Music.