The Traffic of Clouds

Yesterday was all about textile, today i´m into wood.

Starting with an installation i saw two days ago at the Program gallery in Berlin. Developed over the course of eight months by Hackenbroich Architekten in collaboration with Jan Christensen, The Traffic of Clouds aims to question the standardized ways we use our everyday spaces and to present an alternative where a space’s function is not prescribed by convention but determined by its users.


Filling up the entire room, the structure functions at once as an installation piece, a walking surface, and a room. Those who work in PROGRAM are invited to use the structure as an office throughout the duration of the exhibition.

I particularly like the walking surface, the sound it makes under your feet and the way it assumes that you can take care of yourself. It reminded me of the striking contrast between Colombia where you´d get all sorts of holes on the pavements or rather puzzling urban indications and Europe, the US (or even China) where you are warned a profusion of fluorescent banners and objects that walking in the streets in a risky affair. Walking in Colombia´s cities made me feel “in charge”, it was a playful urban adventure and i had exactly the same feeling, though a bit sanitized, while hopping around the Traffic of Clouds floor.

More images.

Previously seen at Program Gallery: LaTourelle´s very flashy installation and Berríos-Negrón’s investigation into the contemporary tension between nature and technology.