The sound tree

I visited the exhibition D.Day Modern Day Design at the Centre Pompidou in Paris this weekend. Have mixed feelings about it. Will explain and report when I’m back in Pastaland. Here’s a first glimpse of what’s being exhibited there:

MIXtree by French designer Matali Crasset is an attempt to give a physical presence to music. First, you have to pick sounds (blue recipients) from the tree but also choose some accompanying texts (green ones). Then dispose them on the plate, located at the bottom of the tree.


Now just sit down on the armchair. It’s pink and rather comfy. It also features integrated interfaces on the right and the left arm of the furniture to allow you to mix and match your own musical (on the right arm) material with your facvourite authors (the texts mentioned above can be controlled from the left arm).

The MIXtree is made of poems, music, loudspeakers NXT, etc.