The singing oven mitt

MediaLab Helsinki researcher and artist Vilja Helkiö is developping Puhuva Patalappu, The Squeaking Oven Mitt that speaks, burbs and sings jinglebells.

The oven mitt makes “kvak krak kvrak” when the mouth closes, and burps longer sample sounds (like “fiuu” or “graaagh”) when its mouth opens widely.

The mitt can also sing jingle bells every time the mouth closes. When it’s opened widely it takes more breath and changes the pitch of the singing.


Right now it can be used as a music toy that you control by moving its jaws, but the artist intends to make the application commercial. A touch sensor would make the doll react when you take hot cookies from the owen. Another possible development would make the mitt react to the smell of the cookies, or warn when they are about to burn… A touch sensor inside its jaws could also trigger sounds of eating, or ripping the subject with it’s teeth as dogs.

I definitely want more of these Finnish artists!

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