The MetaMirror is a hybrid between animated wall, mirror and information device. In its idle state, a large animation is back-projected on its surface (produced by Tomato Interactive). In its “passive” mode, the installation acts like an animated wallpaper, continuously changing the ambience, light and feel of the space. It can offer a space for artistic expression. But it can just as well act as a large, animated information billboard.


Fashion items are tagged with a radio chip that allows individual items to be recognised. If a visitor wearing the item is approaching the display, the antenna behind the installation detects and registers the piece of clothing. The display fades from animation mode to mirror information mode. Above the persons reflection, the mirror shows images and information relating to the item being worn.

The code of the tag is send to the server to source the information from the network in realtime. The visitor’s reflection of photons in the mirror is overlaid with a reflection of digital content, relating to the artifact he or she is wearing.

The MetaMirror was developed is part of Smartstudios re:fashion lab project.

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