Neural magazine issue 29 is out

0aneural29.jpgThe latest Neural magazine is available in the best book shops. This issue is dedicated to new media art in China. It contains an essay by Timothy Murray on The Paradox of Chinese Art in the Age of Technology, another by Brian Holmes on China urbanism, industrialization and culture, a review of the 11th Microwave festival in Hong Kong, a presentation of the online project The Great Firewall of China, etc.

There are book and CD/ DVD reviews, highlights on various musical, artistic or activists projects and as usual, chief redactor Alessandro Ludovico has carried out a series of interviews, this time with 8gg, Yao Bin, Zen Lu, my pals at we-need-money-not-art and i have been been submitted to some parallels quizzes, etc.

Now you’ll know what to answer when someone asks you “I keep reading about contemporary art in China but btw, what is happening in the field of new media art over there?”

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