Fish-based sound and animation installation

The Lake is a sound and animation work by Julie Freeman based on the movement of fish that are bio-acoustically tagged in a lake.

The fish mouvements are continually monitored as it moves in the lake to compose enveloping soundscapes and transient visuals.


On the above screenshot of the animation, each fish is represented by a core colour and two auras all of which change colour and rate of display depending on certain behaviours. The large shapes link species together, and the debris (trails and rotation marks) show each fishes movement history over the last 5 minutes or so.

Once inside a towering structure visitors are linked live to the actual movements of the fish; melody and rhythm are coaxed out of the fishes’ unpredictable and unorchestrated behaviour.

Suspended above people representations of the fish create an animated terrain. Changes in brightness, colour and form indicate alterations in the movement and variations in the dominance of the fish.

The Lake will be on-line with live fish data from 9 July 2005.

The exhibition is open to the public Sat 9th July – Sun 2nd October 2005, at Tingrith Fishery, Bedfordshire, UK.

Via organism.

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