Power-aware devices

The Interactive Institute has unveiled new STATIC! prototypes that explore how everyday products might be designed to better express – and stimulate reflection on – energy use.

smallpoweraware.jpgsmallelement.jpgPower-Aware Cord displays the energy consumption of the appliances that are connected to it. The blue light in the cord displays the intensity relative to the watts. In a primary stage, the cord can be used as an experimental tool to examine household products and in the long run it turns into an ambient display of everyday energy consumption. The cord has been patentent and they are now looking to take it into production. PDF.

The Element is made out of glass, metal and enough lightbulbs to reach the same efficiency as an electric radiator, and the current energy-level is constantly seen. When the room is warm the light is dimmed and vice versa. Since 95% of the energy from lightbulbs is transformed into heat, the radiator uses all the energy it produces for the light and the warmth.

Other new devices. List of prototypes.
Via RED.

Related Future Currents, a website full of ideas for putting householders in control of the energy they use, produce or even sell. (thanks Helen)