Ubiquitous ID Center’s new RFID gizmos

The indispensable RFID in Japan informs that the Ubiquitous ID Center has presented some cool stuff at the TRON show.


Their Sensing Dice is an active RFID tag with varieties of sensing capabilities. It’s about the size of a postage stamp and it can have temperature, acceralation, light, or infrared sensing capability, and functions as a sensor network node.

They are also developing the Responding Dice, which can respond to a query from a base station by lighting its LED.

Their new RFID development kit includes a mobile PDA reader device (Ubiquitous Communicator) and 100 sample tags. It’s difficult to buy only 100 tags so it’s great news if you wanted to start a small/experimental RFID project. There’s an English version as well. It will be released in January and will cost about 200,000 Japanese Yen (less than 2K USD.)