The Head – A wearable sculpture

The Head is a wearable sculpture with a connection to the internet and a public access via sms.


The sculpture contains “an eye” (a camera lens) and a camera phone which captures images and sounds in certain intervals. Peole can send the Head sculpture an sms to which the sculpture responds by capturing an image and recording a short soundfile. This image and the sound are sent back to the sms-sender. They are also uploaded to a website with date and time of the capture accompanied with the sent sms-message.

The Head will be adopted and carried around by people and its “vision and hearing” is both automated and triggered by public to collect memories on the way.

It will be also set (by the artist) to be adopted by people in professions which generally have “a view” on the society: police officer, politician, tourist guide, teacher, etc.

Author: Laura Beloff (one of the developers of the Seven Mile Boots.)