Blender of the day

Helena – The Goldfish blender, by Marco Evaristti (the artist famous for offering meatballs cooked with fat from his own body), is an installation of 10 working blenders containing live fish. Visitors were invited to press the “on” button.


When shown at the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding Denmark a few years ago, activists complained and Museum Chief Peter Meyer was charged with animal cruelty. The court ruled that the fish were not treated cruelly, as they were killed “instantly” and “humanely”.

I’m not a great fan of the work (the artist’s motivations sound a bit shallow) but an old blender would actually make a nice fish bowl. Having spent a few days at the Salone del Mobile seeing projects that sooo want to appear “witty, subversive and fun” (yawn!), i think that the fish blender/bowl is the kind of work that young designers might have come up with.

Another victorious outcome for blender art projects: Barbie In A Blender.
More fishy projects: Maywa Denki‘s Uke-TEL(NAKI-U1). A fish is swimming in a cage, nails hanging on the ceiling. When you call 177 using a phone attached to the cage, nails fall into the water along with the tone.
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