The Emancipator Bubbles

The Emancipator Bubble, an idea born in Bilbao (Spain), is the solution to young people’s problems of emancipation.

This inflatable cockpit allows a high level of independence without having to go out of the family house. It comes with captures of water, electricity and telephone to be connected directly to the house of the parents.

Besides the basic bubble, other models are tailored to the specific needs of young people. For example, Emancipator Deluxe comes with the emancipator-card to allow you to make purchases that will be credited to your dad’s credit card; the Fire-Wire model is made by an advanced intelligent fabric that one adapts to the changes of light and temperature; the Sexmancipaton is made with a plastic similar to the latex and with a permanently lubricated interior…


Emancipator Bubble promotes itself by selling packs of Emancipator gums. These capsules contain inflatable chewing gums, a water-based tattoo saying “Yo también soy EMANCIPATOR” (“I’m an Emancipator too”) and stickers.

If it’s a hoax (and it probably is), then it’s a pitty it’s only a hoax. That’s a fab idea, even if you’re not living with your parents anymore, you might be married and willing to get some independency again.


Via Flylosophy.