Divine Deviltries

The day had not started well. I was on the plane, laptop on my knees waiting for the seatbelt sign to be switched off. Then, damn! When did Lufthansa stop offering wifi on its transatlantic flights? All i had to kill boredom was in flight entertainment, namely Ocean’s 13 which i had seen 10 days before on another plane and a documentary about pandas (i kid you not.)


Thank god for Chelsea gallerists, they cheered up my day. Especially the John Connelly Presents which covered its walls with a series of wallpapers and art works called Divine Deviltries. I love Kent Henricksen’s evil tapestries and seeing how he manages to play on the same theme with the same characters without ever being repetitive nor annoying is a delight. The usual little devils keep on wearing masks, strangling, torturing and mocking innocent-looking people and animals (no panda though). The embroidery is exquisite and the scenes are set in a pastel and dreamy landscape.


More images of the exhibition.