The communicating and self-repairing shoes

VectraSense Technologies, an MIT spin-off company, has developed a computerized shoe product �Verb for Shoe� that provides computerized shoe adjustments according to your movements and features a series of innovations including:

— Through a computer peripheral, called a Thinkpod, the shoes can interface with your computer;

— ThinkShare that creates an exclusive community of Verb for Shoe users, who can exchange business cards and other information through wireless communication between their shoes;

— ThinkAdjust allows the air bladders in the shoe to be independently adjusted by the wearer;

— the ShoeDoctor software monitors the shoe�s power usage, air bladder system performance, and motion analysis. When a problem does occur, Customer Support at VectraSense can connect to your shoes across the internet to assist in resolving issues;


Verb for Shoe builds on VectraSense’s first product, the Raven, the world�s first computerized adjustable shoe.

The cost of the basic shoe is $499.99, and fully loaded with all the options, the cost would be $1000.

Via Design Interact.