The Bluetooth shopping centre

Tomorrow will be launched the bluepulse location-based service which enables people within a Sydney shopping centre get on their phones the information they want about their surroundings.

Based on a shopper’s “profile” which is developed over time, the system is always looking for things of relevance.

The launch version provides shoppers with:
* directions to locate a particular shop, an ATM or toilet with step-by-step directions,
* an events calendar including show synopses, video movie trailers and the possibility to buy movie tickets with the phone,
* a buddy system and the ability to geographically locate other members who are friends, within the shopping centre,
* a constantly updated list of special offers,
* offer coupons to redeem discounts by presenting the phone at the participating outlet.
* your own shopping list appearing from your home computer.

Lucky centre staff wear a Bluetooth badge so that the management can better monitor them and call whoever is near to, say, a milkshake spill in a busy thoroughfare. There’s also has an emergency button so management is instantly aware of all situations.


The concept can be applied elsewhere: at the sports stadium to get an action replay, or at a festival to view the schedule or find friends in the crowd.

Via Gizmo and Textually.