“Take Me Home, I’m Drunk” and other service for and by students

3 UK university students have developed the University Leisure & Lifestyle Manager (ULL) to help students adapt to University life by bringing together social and academic resources in a location aware mobile application.

The services offered range from feedbacks on essays, help to chose textbooks or translation services for foreign students to a guide of local pubs, and “Take Me Home, I’m Drunk” that sends a message to a taxi firm indicating the location of the student and his own address.

Their idea won Microsoft UK Imagine Cup , a competition which aim is to stimulate the development of software solution able to improve everyday life.

Report in BBC Technology.

On the Italian front, it’s Bologna University that came forward with the best idea: SmartPay. A software to manage payment via smart devices. The user would be able to buy any good or service with his mobile phone or PDA and get a virtual receipt.

The World Imagine Cup 2004 will be held in Brasil in July.