Surrounded in an energy field

Cimarrones, a company founded in 2003 in New York City, has developed Cybaura a program that combines the possibilities of Bluetooth and Java on your phone or PDA to wrap you in a Cyber Aura, an energy field indicating who you are.

First, 9 surveys define who you are and what you are looking for (and you can also create Community Surveys for friends to download). When a survey is completed, the answers are stored on the phone or PDA.

Then you can activate the Seeker associated with that Survey: the program will then use Bluetooth to scan an area of about 100 meters for other active Cybaura enabled devices. These in turn are able to discover your device.

Step three: may a promising encounter happen, the Matchmaker reviews each answer value with the corresponding value of the other user. On some answers Matchmaker analyses similarity, on others opposites, and on others, a precise match. An Encounter Log is then created to record the Match Score for each compared Survey and the time of the encounter.

Now, you can create , and if you want exchange, up to 10 Calling Cards that can contain a picture or icon, a brief note, and contact information.